The Blue Margarita

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Blue Margarita

I was supposed to have a fantastical ice cream recipe to share today to wrap up the giveaway for National Ice Cream Month but I ended up washing it down the sink. I know it’s difficult to comprehend but it’s true.

There is a such thing as terrible ice cream.

And because I refused to bake my own birthday cake this year, I simply kept with the theme of the (painful) weekend and had a(nother) birthday margarita for “dessert” instead.

There are far worse things in life than bad ice cream and no cake.

Like being hungover at 30-something.

Blue Margarita

This is margarita recipe #427 (16) that you’ll find here on the blog and I think that it’s probably the prettiest.

It seemed fitting (predictable) that a margarita was how we closed the books on my 13th annual (sigh) 21st birthday. A pretty perfect day that included friends, family, and football. And the very last (thank God) of the tequila in the house.

I swapped our favorite orange liqueur (Paula’s) for curacao in our favorite classic lime margarita recipe. Curacao is a blue orange liqueur that lends the margarita its pretty “ocean water” aqua color and unique orange flavor.

No cake? No problem. Birthday wishes can be made over tequila, too.
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