Foodbuzz 24×24: Chile Fest!

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Candied Jalapenos

We were excited to learn from Foodbuzz that we were going to be part of this month’s 24×24 – that’s where 24 bloggers create and serve 24 fantastic menus on the same day. We proposed to craft an entire menu, from cocktails to dessert, around one of the greatest things to grow in anyone’s vegetable garden: the chile pepper.

Foodbuzz 24x24 Spread

We love the flavor of peppers as much as we love the heat. There’s a happy place between subtle warmth and throat-closing mushroom cloud. And we like that place. A lot. Enough to invite a bunch of friends over and cross my fingers that they’d like it too 🙂

Jalapeno-Cucumber Margarita

We looked passed the pickled jalapeno slices that you typically find on a concession stand Frito Pie to create a fun, warm menu to highlight one of our very favorite foods. We aimed to balance heat from jalapenos, habaneros, and serranos with sweet pineapple and roasted red peppers, a cool ranch dipping sauce, and tequila. There was still plenty of spice but I think we mostly succeeded 🙂

Flaming Blonde Pizzettes

Our spicy menu included:
Jalapeno Margaritas
Classic Lime Margaritas

Heavy appetizers
Candied Jalapeno & Goat Cheese Crostini
“Flaming Blonde” Pizzettes
Chipotle Barbecue Chicken Empanadas
Southwestern Empanadas with Creamy Jalapeno Ranch Dipping Sauce
Fire-Roasted Salsa
Pineapple Salsa

Mexican Hot Chocolate Brownie Bites with White Chocolate-Habanero Ice Cream

After plenty of heat, laughter, and drinks, our guests left with their own jar of homemade Candied Jalapenos to take home and enjoy. Or throw away as they curse my existence 🙂

Thanks to Foodbuzz for including us in this month’s 24×24. And stay tuned this week, we’ll be sharing the recipes from the rest of our menu!

Chipotle Barbecue Chicken Empanadas

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  • Looks great! And jalapeno margaritas??? Brilliant!

  • oh this food looks fantastic. My tongue is dancing with chile delight.

    I agree with Lauren, jalapeno margaritas? Doesn’t get better than that. You have lucky friends!

  • Love this idea! I wish I could have been there 🙂

  • Great menu! Love the ideas.

  • Harmony Packard

    Everything was amazing! The crostini and pineapple salsa were my top faves, followed closely by the creamy jalapeno and BBQ empanadas…and dessert was simply amazing! Thanks for having us.

  • What a fun idea!! Looking forward to seeing the recipes from your party.

  • What a fun party, I cannot wait for the recips.

  • Chelsea

    I absolutely loved the White Chocolate-Habanero Ice Cream! Nice and cool with just a touch of heat from the peppers. Thank you so much for the invite!

  • Great party! Our 24×24 ideas are very similar. Wish we could’ve been at each others’ parties to enjoy twice the heat!

  • Yeah, I’m going to have bookmark these recipes–they look absolutely amazing and make for a terrific menu! Great job on your 24×24!

  • What a great party idea! We buy peach-jalapeno jelly at the farmers market and serve it over cream cheese or goat cheese with crackers, so I can’t wait to see your recipe for the candied jalapenos. And I’ve been dying to try a spicy margarita – I guess they’ll have to wait until next summer, but I know where to look when the time comes!

  • I love this menu! My husband is all about mushroom cloud spicy foods, too. I wish I wasn’t such a wuss around peppers, because the flavors are so amazing!

  • Would love to see the candied jalapeno recipe! 🙂 I am making some of your pepper jelly right now!

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