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Kalyna chose this week’s Project Pastry Queen recipe: Biscotti.

In this house, biscotti is very much a seasonal cookie. It’s our tradition. “We” (ha!) make them dozens and dozens of Red, White, and Green Biscotti each December to include as part of our Christmas goodie baskets. I’m usually dancing around the kitchen, rocking out to Christmas music in fur-trimmed red and green argyle socks, turning out batch after batch of dough while The Foodie Groom… I have no idea what he usually does while I’m baking. I’m pretty sure he’s he’s at least home 🙂

So when I was tasked to make biscotti as part of Project Pastry Queen in November? I was a day late and two eggs short, but I dug out the Christmas socks and had fun. I’m also ready to put up our Christmas tree!

The recipe makes a solid biscotti. I flavored mine with walnuts, almond extract, white chocolate, and cranberries. Thanks to Kalyna for picking a recipe to get me in the holiday spirit. Head over to the Project Pastry Queen blogroll to check out the biscotti from the other members. Next week, we’re doing homemade granola. Yum!

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  • I am copying this recipe down right now! Yummmmm!!!!
    Thanks for sharing. -Tracy Fisher
    ps.. I was just at Target today and they had some pretty cute Christmas socks… I’ll go back and get a pair before baking :).

  • This biscotti recipe is so lovely! Great for the holidays! 🙂

  • Biscotti makes such a great holiday treat! I love that you added almond extract…I bet it was delicious!

  • Nice biscotti. I like the way they look.:)) Like they are trying to say “eat me” :))

  • Bring on the Christmas socks, decorations and music!!!

  • Biscotti looks amazing. Can you believe I’ve never made it for myself?

  • I made this the other day with almonds instead of pistachios. I needed to add another egg, but they were sure yummy. 🙂

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