New Year’s Eve Appetizer Ideas

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My favorite thing about New Year’s Eve is the variety of small-bite foods. A safe and happy new year to you all!

And in the meantime, here is a round-up of delicious appetizers to inspire your NYE feasting!


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  • I love the finger foods on NYE! This year I’ll be making little wienies. They’re the finger-food sized smoke wienies cookies in a honey and yellow mustard sauce. A staple since I was young!

  • YUM!!!! Thanks for the great recipes. I do have to say the french dip one made me want to dust off my crock pot. Try this recipe… my kids favorite for pot roast… 1 chuck roast, 1 can of coca cola, 1 pkg of lipton onion soup mix… put roast in crock pot, spinkle packet of soup mix on top, pour coke over it all, put lid on, turn to low, cook 8-9 hours on low. soooo good! -Tracy (

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