Triple Threat Rocky Road Cookies

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Triple Threat Rocky Road Cookies

I am quite fond of chocolate cookies, especially when they’re cold and almost fudge-like. So I was super excited when Rebeca chose this week’s Project Pastry Queen recipe: Triple Threat Chocolate Chip Cookies – a crackly cookie loaded with nuts and, as the name suggests, three doses of chocolate.

They’re crackly on the outside, chocolatey on the inside – but more cookie-like than fudge. I also added chopped marshmallows for the Rocky Road variation noted in the book. The marshmallows pretty much melt into oblivion but leave their sweet footprint inside the cookie.

Thanks Rebeca! You can check out the other Project Pastry Queen members to see how their cookies turned out. Next week the group is going to tackle Fresh Ginger-Pear Quick Bread.

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  • more like fudge? good lord woman. you are evil.

  • You had me at triple chocolate. Now I’m just trying to figure out how I can incorporate these into my diet plan. Hmmm…chocolate has antioxidants right? So does that mean it can be eaten for breakfast?

  • This looks awesome! YUM!

  • Oh boy, those cookies look amazing. So chocolatey, so fudgy, so tasty, triple threat indeed. I have a new linky on my blog called “Sweets for a Saturday” and I’d like to invite you to stop by and link this up.

  • Wow, those look super chocolately and super sinful! I’ll have to try them sometime. Thanks for sharing!

  • Thanks so much for coming by and linking these up on Sweets for a Saturday. I really appreciate the support. Hope you can join in again next week. By then, I’ll have a “Sweets for a Saturday” button that you can grab and add to your post.

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  • Amrita

    these look sublime!

  • mmm, these sound deadly. Yummo!

  • These cookies are looking so yummy…very nice !

  • Oh gosh, these look SO decadent!! Must try!!

  • These sound so good – I’m all of a sudden wondering why I am not eating one right now. πŸ˜‰

  • These look amazing!! And how can you go wrong with Triple Chocolate?!?!?! I am going to have to make this recipe (my boyfriend is not only a cookie monster, but a chocoholic!!)

  • These look SO GOOD. I can see where the “threat” comes from – amazing!

  • that placemat is also from target!! πŸ™‚ how’s life post-mexican paradise?

    • @savuryandsweet, Target had a ton of cute linens a couple of weeks ago and I snatched 5 or 6 styles! We’re doing well – I mean, other than the fact that’s it’s 50 degrees outside… and there isn’t an endless supply of margaritas, ceviche, and guacamole πŸ™‚

  • Those cookies look the picture too!

  • The cookies look amazing! I am going to have to make some for the upcoming snow storm we are suppose to have!


  • Those cookies….those COOKIES!! look beyond terrific. wow.

    and your photographs are just gorgeous. You both rock and together you’re unstoppable.

  • Oh.My.God. These look divine! And I’m not even a big fan of chocolate cookies. But I think I have to try these.

  • Coco goddess

    wheres the recipe!!!!!!

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