Scooping Perfection…Next Week

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…H, I, J, K, L – woohoo! The L’s are over here!

Lawson… Lee… – Good GAAAAWD who thinks they’ll sell this many Sandra Lee books – Lee Brothers, Li – wait. Where the heck is Lebovitz?!

More than entire shelf of Aunt Sandy’s books (in just that section – there were other sections, too) and not a single copy of The Perfect Scoop. They don’t make bookstores any bigger than this in a state better than this one… what is this world coming to? Grrrr!

I’m an instant-grat kind of girl so I hate waiting for anything. Everything. The second I swipe my AmEx, I expect to sit in the passenger seat of my car giddy with excitement as I flip through page after page of inspiration while Jason turns on the radio to drown out all the OOoohs and AAaahs.

But I will wait. I have an excitement for homemade ice cream like never before but I’ll wait. I’ll put on my big girl panties and quit whining – then I’ll buy the book online and I’ll wait. I wanted to find a ridiculously rich chocolate ice cream from the book to post the homemade “Napoleon” ice cream trifecta this week but I’ll have to wait. But I ain’t gonna do it patiently like an adult should 😛

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  • Deborah

    I, too, have been patiently waiting for this book to arrive in the mail!!

  • David shared with me that Williams Sonoma is doing a huge promotion. Sure enough, that is where I snagged my copy after traipsing all over town with no luck. I’m OBSESSED with it now!

  • Are you taking one of his classes at Central Market in early June? You should!

  • Unfortunately, “Aunt Sandy’s” books are flying off the shelves all over the country. (I personally just call her “Slop”.) In many cases her books, along with the Ray-Ray bombardment have taken over where other authors should have taken center stage.

    Hopefully this “phase” in cooking will pass, and soon.

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