It’s like frosting a cake…

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…Only you can’t lick your fingers or hide your mistakes with a fondant flower 🙂

The original idea was to finish the kitchen before we left for vacation. But we’re running a week and a half behind schedule so now we’re in total whatever-we-can-get-done mode. This weekend, paint and flooring. Next weekend, frosty bevvies in the gorgeous Caribbean!

I miss cooking, I miss baking, and I miss having a sink in which to “soak” dirty dishes. Heck, I miss having dirty dishes.

It's like frosting a cake

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  • Looks like it’s coming along well, though. Definitely got good bones on it. I’m sure you’ll be happier that it finally got done.

    Enjoy your vacation!

  • It’ll get there… but it does seem to take forever, doesn’t it? For awhile I was doing dishes in the gargage, baking in the wine celler (where the oven was) and cooking on the grill on the terrace.

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